Essay on "Frowny Morning"

I wake up to the ringing of the alarm clock. Before I open my eyes, I can already hear the rain outside. It pounded monotonically on the roofs of houses and hit the windows. I don't want to get out of bed on this gloomy November morning.

Forcing myself to crawl out of bed and get ready for school, I get dressed and go out into the street, pulling my hood over my head, which still does not save me from the rain. The small drops fall in my face and roll down my cheeks behind my collar. The cold that was piercing my body was also getting underneath my jacket.

But then the rain finally stopped, and now I could slow down a little. When I pay for paper look at the sky, I see that it is still gray and dark, even though it has already begun to dawn outside. But not only the sky, but also the wet asphalt, the bare trees, and the dried grass of last year on the ground, everything around me seems so gloomy and sad.

Coming to class and throwing off my fall clothes, I am happy to warm myself by the hot radiator. The warmth soon makes me sleepy. Similarly, the autumn dampness affects my classmates, so the literature class, which is the first in our schedule, is somehow sluggish and uninteresting.

After school today, the boys and I essay editing service were going for a walk, but what can be a walk in this weather? My friend Tolya, who is also sadly looking out the window, understands this.

So pass two more lessons. Physical education classes help everyone cheer up a bit. During a game of basketball I cpm homework help even briefly forget my gloomy mood. The game is over, our team has won, and I look out the window, and the sun appears in the sky.

Its rays greet us with their bright light, penetrating through the large windows of the gymnasium and leaving golden highlights on the walls. The mood immediately improves as the gloomy morning is finally replaced by a bright sunny day. And that means that soon my friends and I will be able to carry out all of our plans!

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